Monday, May 28, 2007

How the heck did it get to be so late?

Today I baked a batch of cookies and went down to Massachusetts with Ryter for a cookout with his aunt and uncle and various other family members, most of whom he doesn't particularly care for. But while I did pick up the traits he warned me about, I thought they were all very nice. Family is never as annoying for those outside of it. Though his uncle did basically flat-out ask if I was Jewish, which was a little weird.

Their kid was at that question-age, where they want to know everything that's going on, which got Ryter in trouble like three times and his dad in trouble once too. Luckily I think he'll forget it all, if he understood it at all, but you have to be sooo careful around kids, you never know what they will repeat or internalize.

But it was okay, and they liked my cookies, which didn't flatten or become crispy for a change, and afterwards Ryter and I got to hang out and watch TV and just chill, which was nice. A pretty good day, I'd say.

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