Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blech. Studying.

Today is the Mercuralia, a festival honoring Mercury/Hermes, god of messengers, merchants, and commerce, and his mother Maia, for whom the month of May is named. The day was celebrated by merchants sprinkling their heads, their ships, their merchandise, and even their stores or other businesses with water from a sacred well at the Porta Capena.


I studied today. Also bought some really tacky graduation decorations for Ryter's graduation party. It's slow going, though-- I have summer-brain and I can't concentrate on intermolecular forces and equilibriums. Hopefully I get over an 85 on the test tomorrow, thus increasing my grade in the class... but if not... *sigh*

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Amishav said...

Well hey, I hope you do really well on that test!