Friday, May 18, 2007


Tonight's entry shall be shorter than usual on account of I'm at Ryter's and he has the world's most annoying keyboard. But anyway, today was the Honors Convocation, so I was all prepared to wake up early and get over here with time to spare... and then the alarm didn't go off so I woke up late, and then as I was getting ready to go Mummy was like, "Clean up the kitchen," though she could SEE I was trying to go, so I had to do that, then she told me to finish unpacking the last of my boxes, which I did NOT do as I was already late. I moved it though.

Anyway, set off on the road with two homemade apple pies in the passenger seat, got on the highway and realized that my passenger door was open a bit. In dealing with the door I missed my exit, so I had to pull over, fix the door, and turn around. So I was late.

Once I arrived, we got some balloons and I started to decorate, and Ryter's mom and grandmother showed up. Ryter's grandma is very cool. WE all went to the Convocation together, so I wasn't sitting on my own, and I fell asleep during the keynote speaker's address to the students but I was at least able to remain alert for the calling of names and I snapped a shot of Loquelo, Ryter, and Inconcinnus as they each went up to get their Honors cord.

Afterwards Ryter's mom, dad, and grandmother went with us to this really cool Indian restaurant, and Loquelo came too because he couldn't find his folks and thought they hadn't shown up. They were appparently there, they just couldn't find each other. But then after an exellent dinner Loquelo came back to Ryter's with us and we all didn't pay attention to Serenity together. Much fun.

More tomorrow, the Big Day.

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