Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Awkward to the 100th Degree

Happy More Floralia:

Also, today is the Festival of the Lares Praestites, the Lares (protective spirits) of the State (of Rome); it is also sacred to Angitia, a goddess of healing and prophecy, and she was honored by a Procession of the Serpents, which I don't feel like researching but it sounds fun.


I got an A on my Bio test! As in, 100%! He even wrote WOW! in big letters on the top of the page! This is AWESOME... but it was tempered by the Chem test, which I got a 76 on. Luckily that's only 9% of my overall grade. So hopefully this will not be a crisis...


I woke up late today. Like... 9:38, for a 9:40 class. Needless to say, I was late... I immediately got up and got dressed, brushed my teeth, and flew over to the Bio class to arrive about fifteen minutes late and unfed or showered. Luckily they were just watching a movie about Yellowstone fires. I ate afterwards, but then I had to shower, and I was basically thrown off for the whole day.

Consequently while I DID start my Latin project it is oh-so-far from being done...


Ryter has apparently had a long-held goal to go to class drunk once before he graduates, and with only a few days left, today was the day. I was hoping for some excellent story about it, but apparently four beers and a shot of tequila only served to make him mildly tipsy, so he was able to go through class undetected and even took decent notes.

See, I could never do that, on account of I'm guessing that being drunk would have a lot of the same effects that being tired has on me, namely silliness, no internal filter, that sort of thing. And I can't take notes sober and tired, they start out lovely and quickly progress to what appears to say "In the Devo er plnis diverferid vasclr plt tis perd."*

Then there's the fact that I've never really drunk alcohol before, so I bet I'd need like two shots to get to the "WOOO Partay oh look a large thing coming to meet me hmm it seems nice OOMPH that's a floor I'ma just gonna lie here for a bit, mmmkay?" stage.


I'm out of stuff to say. So here:

In Communist Russia, the Party finds YOU, and it is HOPPIN'.

*"In the Devonian era, plants diversified and vascular plant tissues appeared."


ian said...

You know, with all these festivals and thingies, it's a wonder the Romans ever got sober enough to conquer most of the known world.


Basiorana said...

Actually, most festivals were only performed by the priests and the elite, not the average soldier. However, it was common knowledge that if you could put off a court trial for a day or so it might be put off for months while you waited for a day that wasn't a holiday, a day after, or one labeled as "unlucky."