Sunday, November 26, 2006

I did have a fortune, from the sushi place, but I forgot it

Well, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Few days late or not. I was going to post something Thursday, but honestly, there's not that much of interest to say about Thanksgiving. Much of the day was spent alternating between watching the Eureka marathon on the SciFi channel and setting the table, eating, clearing the table, and forcing the boys to help me clean so Mummy didn't have to do all the work after cooking.

Daddy spent most of the day watching football with Grandpa, an activity he only does with Grandpa. Because he's really not that into football, at least not watching other people play it. My dad's a bit of a geek. So whatever he might claim, I could totally see that he'd infinitely prefer to be watching science fiction with his daughter than football with his father. Oh well. He took a break in the afternoon to watch a few episodes of the marathon.

Poor Daddy. He's trying so hard.


Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, The Shrewd One let me play The Sims 2 on her computer in exchange for internet access on mine. We had a bit off a party on the living room floor. I have determined this: I should not play the Sims 2, because I get too upset when I hit the wrong button and my Sim hugs the wrong Sim and her Sim-boyfriend is mad for like FOREVER and cries all the time like a computer-generated nancy-boy. I, of course, feel horribly upset despite the fact that they are slightly creepy looking people on a computer screen.

But she let me keep playing until I fixed the problem, and as of last night, when I last played, my Sims were engaged to be married. Nice. I think I need to get that game.

Quote: "I think I know how God feels." ~Me, when my sister turned off the Free Will option on the game and asked me if I preferred it that way


Friday I was going to job-hunt, starting at like noon, then as soon as I finished eating, then as soon as I finished reading my book that I got distracted by, then as soon as I finished helping Mummy load the Christmas dishes into the hutch, then as soon as I could find someone to go with me, because I freak out in crowds and I really didn't want to go alone. But Grandpa can't walk very well and wouldn't want to go anyway, and Mummy was working- she's ALWAYS working- and The Shrewd One was entertaining Grandpa and Daddy wanted me to see who else was going.

And when I told Shrewd that I was asking her along because I was concerned about having a panic attack, she rolled her eyes at me, which made me feel fabulous.

I know, that sounds kinda selfish- I'm tearing them away from what they're doing to help me. But I really, really don't want to deal with day-after-Thanksgiving crowds at the malls without at least one familiar face around...

And in the end, I didn't even wind up going to the mall, I just went to one of the local strip malls and applied at TJ Maxx. I was gonna apply at Lindt but they weren't hiring any more. Saturday I checked a bunch of places but only wound up applying to Sears, Macy's, and JC Penney's. I wanted to apply to Old Navy but their computer thing was being weird, and the application for Bath and Body Works is sitting at home where it is absolutely useless...


I didn't spend nearly enough time with my grandfather over Thanksgiving, because I've got a sore throat and random headaches, and I was concerned about transmitting them. Also because the sore throat meant I couldn't talk loud enough for him to hear me.

So... Saturday after job-hunting The Shrewd and I got sushi and then picked up Candida, a mutual friend whom both of us know from Girl Scouts ("Candida" means honest and straightforward, which she is, and it also means white, which she definitely is. Lots of Nordic heritage in that one). With her in tow we went to see Happy Feet, a cute movie with plenty of good music, which made up for it's totally illogical nature. Then on the way out, who did we run into but Mistake, Closer, and KT Mack, off to see the new Bond movie. Go figure.


Today, pretty much all I did was laundry and the homework needed for my group lab report. We were really late getting off, first because I confused the times and thought my dorm wasn't opening until five, when in fact it was open much earlier- like one or so. So my dad couldn't take me to get here at five because he had to drop off The Shrewd and my grandfather in their respective Massachusetts locations and then drive to Connecticut for a week-long business thing. Then I was going to hitch a ride with Mistake's family but I had a lot of stuff, having done a lot of laundry, and I was concerned that they'd be leaving so early that I'd have to stash my junk in Mistake's room or something and haul it across campus later. So Mummy took me back here.

But in the end it was probably for the best, because I think it would have been a pain for Mistake's family to deal with all my junk anyway. Especially Ajax and Deiphobus, who came home with me.

Anyway, we were intending to leave at 4:00 to get here at five, but The Brother was late getting back, and then we were going to leave without him but he swore it would only be a half-hour and Mummy wanted to touch base with him. But it was not a half-hour. It was like an hour. We finally left, and then I realized a few minutes into the drive that I was missing something, and we turned around and went to get it- and then his girlfriend dropped him off at last.

Turns out they went for a walk. Without warning Mummy. Grr.

OH! But I know her! The girlfriend, that is. She was a sorta-friend of mine back in high school- I hung out with her before school. She knew Mistake through the band. She used to complain to me that my brother was annoying, like kicking the back of her seat on the band bus or drumming or sticking stuff in her hair. Guess that was flirting.

Boys are weird.


And guess what?


As in, that stupid goddamn cell phone that I got to replace the one I lost, and then I lost the new one, and in looking for the new one found the old one. Now, I have both the new one and the old one, which I've been using.

My reaction when I found it was something along the lines of: "Oh, you have GOT to be KIDDING me! I can't BELIEVE this! All this time in the goddamn SOFA cushions! You- I- it- ARGH! ARGHY ARGH ARGH!"


Oh well. I have to go study or unpack or something....

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