Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Throat Hurts.

7:00 AM: Alarm clock goes off for the first time. It plays static, as I still haven't bothered to change it to a local radio station. I hit it and it shuts up.

7:15: It goes off again. I hit it again. Loquatia rolls out of bed and starts getting ready for class.

7:30: The actual alarm goes off, with annoying buzzing. I hit it again.

7:45: Goes off again. Hit it again. Wonder briefly before slipping into unconsciousness how much Tacita, sleeping above me, must hate me right now.

8:00-9:00: Alarm goes off every fifteen minutes; at some point, Tacita gets up and leaves.

9:00: I finally roll out of bed. This two-hour wake-up is why I'm fairly certain my neighbors have no qualms about playing their annoyingly loud video games at all hours of the night.

9:30: Having read my morning comics, while bundled up in my comforter since it's FREEZING, I go to shower.

10:00: Done showering. Horrible water pressure this morning. I get dressed quickly, then check my email.

10:20: Breakfast. I can call it that because it's still morning.

10:40: Start packing up stuff to go home. We have to unplug everything, including appliances, before we can leave. Plus I'm bringing home my laundry, including my sheets and blanket. And two pillows, because last time I went home I realized that all my good pillows were at school. And my school books. And attire suitable for job-hunting. Because that's how I'm spending most these four days- except for Thursday, when everything's closed, I'm going to be looking for a job for Christmas break.

11:20: Already packed and now bored. Try to find stuff to do online.

11:21: Out of stuff to do online...


I didn't want to study any more- I felt there wasn't much more chemistry I could cram in, and I didn't really need to study for Latin. So I was really, really bored. I swept the floor. I wandered around the room and checked stuff. I started writing a journal entry, but it got too long and now I'm rewriting it... yesterday's post was pretty long, let's not prolong it any more.

But I think I did okay on the tests, despite my miserable grade on the last Bio test he handed back. 74. Yikes. I felt really ready for this test, though, for one simple reason: the professor gave us EVERYTHING we could POSSIBLY need to know for the exam at the review session last night. It was somewhat ridiculous, actually; he had a copy of the test in his hand and he was doing sample problems for each one. I knew not only what was going to be one the test, but in what order. Not complaining, though. Not at all.


Last night I got an IM from a girl in my Bio lab section, saying she'd have to move the meeting to 3:45 because of work. I was like, "what meeting," which is never a good sign... There's this group lab report in Bio, on plant cloning, that we're working on. I don't have to do anything but compile the data, which is good; I'm so horrible at Lab that I think they decided I shouldn't be allowed to write anything myself. But apparently there was a meeting today to make sure I got everything from them.


I was kinda planning on going home, remember? Well, that changed, I had to call my mom and have her tell Daddy to pick me up at 4:30 at the earliest. Bummer. Little change in plans.

And, to make matters worse, when the girl IMed me, she informed me that she couldn't actually get in touch with anyone else in our little group, because I was the only one who had provided her with my screen name. Either that or she got it off Facebook, I'm not sure. Anyway, I happened to have one other screen name, so I sent that guy a note about the change in time, but the last member in our group was completely inaccessible. I sent him an email at the address he gave me but it bounced back, and my normal stalker-routes on Facebook yielded nothing. So I went over to the library at the time we were supposed to meet originally, 3:00, and I sat down, intending to just plain wait and tell him of the rescheduling when he arrived.

BUT someone else had told him of the rescheduling when they happened to run into him. So total waste of time. Grr.


Daddy picked me up right on time, and after five- yes, five- trips back and forth up 2 flights of stairs between my room and the car outside, I was ready to go. Got home and watched Stargate, Dead Like Me, and House. I've missed television. My only exposure to it is CNN or Fox News in the cafeteria, and I ignore Fox News.


I just want to say one thing before I shut up and go to bed: Just once, just once, I want to see a teenager on House that doesn't use drugs, has never used drugs, doesn't have sex, has never had sex, and is an all-around good-kid, but gets sick anyway. Because not only do those "good kids" exist, they're just as capable of getting weird obscure diseases as the druggie sex addicts. At least, most of the weird diseases. But honestly, as much as I love House, I have NEVER seen a teenager on this show who wasn't secretly having sex or doing drugs. Or openly having sex or doing drugs. Whatever.

There are kids out there who are not Dungeons and Dragons types or uber-religious but who don't have sex or do drugs. I know this because I'm one of them, and my best friend is another, and her boyfriend is another, and KT Mack, my friend from high school whom you can find a link to on the sidebar, is yet another. And I bet any of us could contract a horrible genetic disease that we didn't know about and wind up with like 20 different symptom diseases. But you won't see us on House, because we're not examples of how today's youth is a bunch of sex-obsessed potheads.

Uhm, God? Hi. It's me. Uh... please ignore that previous statement. I really don't want any of my friends to contract a horrible genetic disease. Especially since I'm the one with a parent who's adopted and consequently has no medical history for his biological family, so if anyone's getting a horrible genetic disease, it's gonna be me...

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