Monday, November 27, 2006

"You Will Be Blessed With Longevity"

Well, it's official. Loquatia's moving out. She's moving a whole three doors down the hall. You know, for the change of scenery.

No word on Tacita's plans yet- she might still be leaving the hall. But she might not. I wouldn't mind horribly, though, if she stayed. Tacita's nice, she's quiet, and she goes to bed early, doesn't get drunk, and goes home on the weekends a lot. We're not close friends but we get along. At least that's my veiw of it; I could be her Seabass for all I know.

Of course, if she IS planning on moving out, to join her friends at Englehardt, some advance notice would be nice, so I could actually meet my roommate-to-be before January. I'm just saying.


Anyway... the school year's winding down. Next week I turn in my last assignment for the Biology Careers lecture; there's obviously no exam in there. My lab practicals are next week too. Then the week after next is Finals: Latin and Biology on Tuesday, one right after another; then Chem on Thursday at EIGHT IN THE MORNING, an ungodly hour I have been avoiding all semester. Wrap it up with Mythology on Friday, only that one isn't in the morning as would be advantageous (so I could go home); no, it ends at three. Great.

Countdown to Christmas Break: 18 Days.


I am, apparently, the awesomeness, due to my mastery of the art of procrastination. This was stated by Libentra when she complained about freshman who feel the need to get work done weeks in advance. She's got a kinda sucky situation with her lab group, who insisted that since they had started to work on the lab weeks in advance, long before the TA


Me: I hope we don't start studying DNA in Bio. I hate DNA.

Libentra: Yes, well, maybe DNA hates you too. *Pause* I mean, obviously.

Me: Okay, yeah, I knew THAT was coming....


Oh, and remember how last night Mummy and I had to turn around on the road and go back to get something I forgot? Well, I didn't get everything I forgot. Because there is this law that says Basio must forget one important thing every time she leaves the house. Last time it was my sneakers and my wallet. This time it's my mouth guard. Which is much worse, because I'm so used to wearing it that I can't fall asleep without it. And unlike most things I could have left behind, it's not easily replaceable. Grr.

This has caused me to add "proximity tags" to my Christmas list. Daddy was talking about them- they keep you from loosing stuff, like cell phones and wallets and keys and poorly attached heads...


Guess what? Macy's wants me to interview! As in, I might get the job! As in, I might get a job! This is good!

I have to go back this weekend to interview. This is not so good. Not entirely sure how that's gonna work out. But oh well. I'm still glad they liked me enough to call me back.

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Make A Mistake 06 said...

Macy's called me back for temp work a few weeks ago--luckily staples love me enough for a permineant position :) Good luck at the interview