Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Accept the Next Proposition You Hear"*

In Ancient Rome, there would be a festival to Ceres today, and we wouldn't have to do anything. But it's Saturday, so I guess that's still kinda true.

I was not intending on waking up this morning, but apparently it wasn't my decision; my best friend MakeaMistake called me at 10:51, with an hour and nine minutes still to go before "morning" was officially over. My roommate Loquatia picked up the phone, and once she told me who it was and I stumbled out of bed, trying desperately to disentangle myself from the sheets, she proceeded to laugh at me and say, "You're so funny when you've just woken up."

Gee, thanks.

An alarming percentage of my Saturdays start about this way. Anyway, the call was inviting me to go eat with her and Closer at Holloway Commons, the main dining hall, so I naturally accepted despite the audacity that lead her to call it "lunch" instead of it's rightful name, "breakfast," considering it was the breaking of my fast, at least. She told me to meet them at 11:30. I talked her down to 12:00, pleading the need to shower.

By the time I returned from the horrible dorm showers (I got the one that actually produces hot water, yay) Loquatia had started to clean the room. I immediately felt bad, considering that my section is far and away the messiest. In my defense, though, Ajax and Deiphobus have been sick lately, most likely due to the poor quality of the water here, and I went to the pet store on Thursday to get them all new tank stuff with the hopes that it would be fungus-free. So strewn across the floor in my little corner there were all sorts of bags containing the old tank stuff, the remaining new tank stuff, and the stuff I'd used to clean the tank. I was going to clean that up today...

I told her so, in fact, but she kinda shrugged it off. She was kinda on a cleaning spree. I told her about three times before I left, and yet, when I got back this afternoon, she'd cleaned up my space. She'd also vacuumed our little rugs and swept the floor around them, but... my SPACE.

But I only have a little while longer before the new rooming situation and anyway, I'm non-confrontational. Besides, I'm sure she thought I'd appreciate it. And I did appreciate the carpet-cleaning and garbage-removal, it was getting kinda gross in here. There is a perpetual smell that can only be described as "funky." It might have been the combination of empty sushi plates and orange juice in the trash mixed in with the bleach from tank cleaning and my vanilla body spray, or it might not...


Anyway, I did get to hang out with Mistake and Closer today; after eating we went over to Brooks, the movie place, and the Durham Marketplace, commonly called the DuMP. They're all in this one mall on the edge of campus, by the main drag. I needed to buy paper and, uhm, other stuff at Brooks, and meanwhile Closer was sent to pick out the movie of the day, which was decided to be The Perfect Man. We were gonna get another but there's not a lot of good movies out there right now, especially since Mistake and I would rather not see horror movies, action movies don't appeal to her, and dramas depress me. Besides, Closer always cries at sad movies and I have to make fun of him for being sensitive.

Post movie-renting, Mistake voted to go to the DuMP while we were there and get snack food so we weren't consuming all Closer's food during movie-viewing. And I saw A&W's Root Beer, which totally made my day, since I can't really have Barq's (caffeine is bad for me) and that's all the root beer you can usually find on campus.

Thus, laden with shopping bags, we trudged back to the wondrous Stoke Hall, where Closer and Mistake live (he's one floor down from her). Closer has a nice sized TV, or, rather, his roommate does, and we watched our chick flick. The movie was cute, though there were waaaay too many awkward moments, those moments when I have to wander out of the room because honestly, I don't want to see people in horribly embarrassing social situations... This is my issue with chick flicks. That and the fact that they depress me. The Perfect Man is a bit like that: I get bummed out because the perfect man exists, he's just NEVER single, straight, and interested in me. He's particularly not single, straight, interested in me, and able to ignore my communication troubles.

Still, good times. It was decided that we take a study break, as in, a break to go study, at that point, though I had just settled down to do a report on our recent photosynthesis lab when Mistake IMed me and told me that she'd made herself a blog, since she saw the blog belonging to Hillary Duff's character in The Perfect Man, and it was pretty cool. I'd already been thinking about a blog, since I've been reading some really funny ones with regularity- Old Horsetail Snake and Life in the Corner are absolutely hilarious- so I decided to do the same. The lab report is as of yet unfinished. But I've got me a blog!

Today's moral is: I get distracted easily.

I also ate dinner with Mistake and Closer, naturally, as it was Ice Cream Night at Holloway. Gotta love Ice Cream Night. The food in general is lousy, or at least really repetitive, but the hard ice cream on Ice Cream Night is GREAT.

Now. About that lab report....


*My title is my daily fortune. I was somewhat concerned about this one: could be dangerous. Especially since Closer immediately proposed that I jump off a building. I'm saying that one doesn't count.


Make A Mistake 06 said...

I, however, suggested you go back to your dorm and study. By accepting my proposition, your next few days would lead to higher test scores and true scholarly satisfaction. Don't I deserve some credit here? Gah--Closer, always stealing the spotlight. I guess his proposition would be more amusing to share. *random snorts and chuckles in the backgroud*

Basiorana said...

Yes, you see, yours was BORING. *grin*