Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Be Direct, Usually One Can Accomplish More That Way"

It would be the Mercatus, today, were we Ancient Romans. A Mercatus was a day involving markets and fairs. But we aren't Ancient Romans. So no fairs. Bummer.

By the way, for those of you wondering why I post a Roman holiday here, it's because I love that the Romans have more holidays than normal days, and every day that they had a holiday of any sort, I intend to let you know, so you can call out of work on account of it being a "religious holiday" or something. I don't think a Mercatus would work very well... but there are better ones, I promise.


Okay, total twilight zone moment today. Guess where my roommate Tacita went to preschool? Applewood. As in, the same Applewood where MakeaMistake and I went kindergarten together. The same Applewood I went to for after-school care right up to sixth grade, then volunteered at until I was 16, then worked at until the start of senior year of high school. That Applewood. And considering that she's over a year younger than me, it's very, very possible that she was in preschool while I was in kindergarten there.

How weird is that?


Our RA has a board up that he updates every once in a while, and right now the theme is "What are you thankful for?" There's a section for each room to write what they're thankful for. Ignoring the person who stated he was thankful for "boobies," the current most interesting entry is the one for the lounge at the end of the hall (it's a triple that's been turned into a quad, and one of the inhabitants is a guy I know from high school). One of the guys inhabiting that lounge stated that they were thankful for another inhabitant, whom I shall refer to as Cute Lounge Inhabitant #2 (I'm assuming he's not thankful for himself, though I guess that's possible).

This is amusing in part because a guy said he was thankful for another guy and in part because I know of very few people who wouldn't be thankful for any of the inhabitants of that lounge. That room is like 80% attractive. It's somewhat disturbing.

I don't know if I'm thankful or not for that fact. Or the fact that that same percentage could most likely be applied to the males on this floor as a whole. Let me ponder this a while and get back to you. I'll just be over here... pondering cute guys...


Mistake, Closer and I went to dinner together, interrupting my incredible studiousness that consisted of staring idly at the Chemistry assignment on my computer screen and wondering if I'd be that much worse off leaving this until the last minute like usual. I was perfectly happy to abandon the computer for HoCo (that's Holloway Commons to you non-UNH students). Plus, it's freezing cold out, like, might-snow-tonight cold, so I got to wear my nice coat for the first time this season!

I'm sure everyone (all females, at least) has garments of clothing that they absolutely love, clothes that they can put on and feel beautiful no matter what else they're wearing. That's what this coat is for me. It was a hand-me-down from my mother, and it's like a pea coat, only it comes to my knees. I guess it speaks something about my self-esteem that I feel beautiful only when I'm completely covered from neck to knees in a thick, woolen coat, but I love it.

Unfortunately, it's a little tight in the shoulders... But I will not be deterred in the wearing of this coat. I intend to wear this coat for the rest of my life. The day I get too fat for this coat is the day that I become anorexic, I swear.


Closer, I have learned, has made himself a blog, so technically I should change his presence in my blog list from a link to his Myspace page to a link to his blog. But I won't. Not until he posts something. Even if it's stupid or short or a link to something else... I refuse to give someone a link to an empty page.

Also in my blog list is Psychokitty, who is notable in that that was my first introduction to blogging. And yes. Psychokitty is one of those "blog-from-my-cat's-point-of-view" blogs. It's also wicked funny and well written so you should read it anyway.


Time to study again. I have to finish my Chemistry. In Soviet Russia, Chemistry finishes you... but there are times when I think that's true here as well.

Oh, and scroll down to the very bottom of the page... what do you think?

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