Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Home Is Where The Humor Is

The Brother has a GIRLFRIEND!

Or, rather, a lady friend. Whom he is taking to see Blue Man Group for Christmas. This is good because it means we're all going- all the family. Yes, I am aware how odd it is that all the family is going on The Brother's date. But come on. It's BLUE MAN GROUP.

This lady friend was met through the band, it seems, and she is a SENIOR. This tells me two things: one, the brother likes older women, which makes me giggle. Two, the band is the ultimate source of significant others for high school students. Though I'm pretty sure Mistake's own dating history could have told me that. Heh.

The fact that she's a senior also means that The Brother might have to go to prom with her, a concept that makes me giggle almost as much as the fact that he likes older women. The only drawback is that despite the enormous amounts I was mocked for MY first significant other, we are not permitted to tease The Brother in any way, for fear that we will traumatize him sufficiently that he will not continue to date young ladies. This is a horrible fear of my mother's.

He's met her parents. They're going to the Symphony this Friday.

Insert uproarious laughter here, followed by silly dancing and raucous giggling.


Anyway, today Daddy and I drove down to Brandeis to retrieve The Shrewd One, and I got to see her suite, which was pretty cool. She has a legit kitchen. These seniors and their fancy housing with cheap plaster walls.

Shrewd One in tow, we all drove to the T station and took the T to Fenway, from where we intended to walk to the Museum of Fine Arts. However, we wound up walking the complete opposite direction. Forty minutes later, we finally arrived at the Museum, for two hour's exploration of the European Masters and the American Art exhibits. I love the European Masters; "Automedon and the Horses of Achilles" by Henri Regnault is one of my favorites.

We ate an overpriced lunch at the museum; post MFA, and post a MUCH shorter walk back to the Fenway station (like ten minutes), we took the T back to the car and drove to Plymouth to pick up my grandfather. He, of course, had baked two pies for tomorrow. Grandpa always brings pie.


The car ride how was less than comfortable, as I was crammed up in the front seat with it pushed all the way forward to accommodate my grandfather's long legs. Consequently, I started out in a ladylike knees-to-the-side pose and wound up in the slightly less ladylike feet-on-the-dashboard-knees-in-my-face pose. Oh well. I try. Or I'm trying, not sure which one it was.


Once at home, we had a pretty simple evening; Bones wasn't on tonight, which made me sad. So The Shrewd One and I watched A Prairie Home Companion. Okay, POINTLESS movie. One good song, though: "Bad jokes, lord I love 'em, bad jokes, can't get enough of 'em..." Example: "Hey, Lefty, what do you get when you cross holy water with castor oil?" "What, Dusty?" "A religious movement!"

Still, I recommend skipping the actual movie and finding the clip of that song on YouTube or something.

Now, we're playing Sims 2 Nightlife. Which is WAY more engaging than this, sorry...

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