Monday, June 25, 2007

"Oh my god, he was ABDUCTED BY NINJAS!"

Today is the Ludi Tauri Quinquennales, horse races held every five years to honor the gods of the underworld. It lasted two days.


I will now issue a statement you will almost never hear from a teenage (and for the next four months, I'm still a teenager): My mother was right.

She once told me that I had an impressionable personality and that she feared that I, much more than my siblings, would fall victim to peer pressure. Well, I didn't-- when it comes to things that matter, I hold my ground. But that doesn't mean I'm not impressionable. It's like... I picture myself as a clay sculpture built around a steel frame; on the inside, I'm steadfast and I hold by my convictions, when there's something important and crucial to who I am. But on the outside, I'm malleable. In fact, I have a tendency to pick up the traits of people I am around. This can be a good thing, because it makes it easier for me to get along with a variety of people. It means I'm adaptable, which is important.

My personality is impressionable in other ways too, though. My personality will change just by something as simple as putting on a different style of clothing. I love dressing up, whether it's a costume or just clothing that I wouldn't normally wear, like a party dress. I take on the very personality that the clothing conveys, to a certain extent. I mean, it's not like if I dyed my hair black, greased it down, painted my eyes red and black and put on emo clothes I'd start cutting myself, but I would start to feel a little angsty and not just because I trashed my hair.

I love to dress up because it changes my personality. I've mentioned before that I have all these rules that I force upon myself. When I wear a costume, and my personality changes a little because of it, I can shed my rules, if not all the way then a little. It's liberating.

So yes, my mother was right. I am impressionable. I just don't think that's really a bad thing, at least until I start hanging out with tattooed murderous biker dudes. That would be bad.

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