Saturday, June 16, 2007

Graduation #3...

Today was Bisobrina's graduation party. I baked a batch of cookies that didn't come out quite right but were close enough, grabbed my swimsuit and my work clothes for afterwards, and headed out. I stopped to get a card in which to put the $40 my parents pulled together as a graduation gift, and headed up to Bow, NH. On the way I realized, a bit late, that I was on a toll road. I proceeded to spend way too much time digging 75 cents out of my coin purse, swerving all the way, and in this manner I passed a parked state trooper.

I have no idea why he didn't stop me...

Anyway, I made it safely to her place, where I proceeded to spend several hours standing around awkwardly and talking to either Bisobrina (when she was available), her biological mother who I had never met before, or some of her female friends with names I promptly forgot except I think one of them was Millie, which I thought was a funny name for a 17-year-old. I left when the female friends had all left en masse to be replaced by the second wave of friends, all male.

It wasn't too bad. I did overhear something interesting, too. See, I was really confused as to why Bisobrina's birth mother was so keen on reentering Bisobrina's life, considering that she gave her up because she was a teen mother and that's not the sort of thing one usually wants to be reminded of. But then I heard her talking to another woman there, and the woman said, "Oh, you must be so pleased to see how well she's doing," and Bisobrina's birth mother replied, "Oh, yes, very much. This is what you always hope for, you know?" and all of a sudden I understood.

I can't imagine someone giving up a child, for any reason, and not second-guessing their choice, or at least feeling a little guilty or worried that the kid's not well taken care of. It must be nice, all these years later, to learn that they were adopted by a doctor's family with an enormous house with an incredible view, and sent to private school, and that they're graduating with good grades and going on to university. It means that she can absolve herself of all guilt and know her daughter was better off. Considering the horror stories told about kids who get dumped into the foster system or adopted and then abused it must have been the biggest relief ever to know that her decision was undeniably for the best.


After the party I went to work. I wore a pair of old slingback flats in, and considering that I had issues with losing them as I walked across the parking lot, I figured this was a bad idea. Luckily, Payless is two stores down. I went in and got a pair of black heeled pumps that were so unbelievably comfortable (for 2 1/2 inch heels, especially) that they were preferable, and I broke them in at work. This may have been a bad idea. Two hours later, I had blisters on the tops of my feet where the shoes rubbed as I walked and my feet were sweating.

So, on my 15 minute break, I raced over to CVS, then Payless, to try to find those socks that don't show over the edges of your shoes. That was much better. I mean, my feet hurt after I got done with work but that can only be expected when the only time you sit down in 4 hours is to put socks on.


You can tell it's summertime because I consider the status of my footwear to be interesting. I think I shoudl stop writing every day...

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