Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Is it my hair? My overbite? The fact that I've worn the same clothing day in and day out for the past four years?"

Guess what? My blog is apparently quite risque.

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This is due to keywords. Apparently it's very provocative to describe someone as "anal" retentive, or say something "hurts," or complain about how your "sex" is treated. Or talk about how teens shouldn't be having sex or doing "drugs."


ian said...

Ummmm...Is it Fry from Futurama?

Since you're NC-17 now, you might as well go whole hog and REALLY get risque. Show an ankle. Let your hair down. Flash a nipple. Well, maybe not that last one. Unless you want to. LOL


Basiorana said...

The quote's Bart Simpson.

I should totally put nude ankle photos up to prove how scandalous I am.

Anonymous said...

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