Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's okay, I'm a flaming geek too

Thanks to E-Dog's Everything Page I have discovered a Simpsons website where you can make a Simpsons version of yourself. Thus, I created the following image of myself and Ryter:

Then I showed it to him, and he protested that I had "[made my]self hot and [made him] look like a huge flaming geek."

I pointed out that he was a huge flaming geek but decided to redo it anyway. Take two:

Actually, that is a bit closer to his body type, after a bit of photoshop manipulation. The first one makes him look like a leering teen, like he's about to grab my boobs. The second is more "sexy heavy-metal rocker dude" and less "high schooler with a mouth-breathing problem." And I changed myself a bit too. Oh, and yes, this is as close as I will get to posting an actual picture of us...

Still want votes on the new blog layout!

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ian said...

I like the layout! :D