Saturday, July 21, 2007

A gift of my twisted mind

Last night I had a dream that everyone was accusing me of a brutal murder I did not remember doing. They all said they had seen me covered in blood and carrying the severed head of the victim, but while it was true that I had in my possession a hooded sweatshirt covered in blood, I could not remember committing murder and I could not remember ever holding the head. The thing was, I wasn't in jail or anything-- I was at home, but watched like a hawk, and no one trusted anything I said, because they thought I was a criminal.

Meanwhile, I had to try to prove my innocence to people who remembered things differently from me. In the end I figured out when the murder was supposed to have taken place and that I actually did have an alibi at the time, a fact I had forgotten because I honestly did not remember what I had been doing on the precise date (this is a minor annoyance to me on TV shows-- when they ask for an alibi, what if you can't remember what you were doing on a specific date?) I proved my innocence right before I woke up. Like, I had almost proved my innocence when the alarm rang but I hit the snooze to make sure it was all settled.

The interesting thing about this dream is that it felt very real, so much so that I was desperately afraid the whole time that I would discover I actually had murdered this guy and rather panicky about the whole thing. When I woke up it took me a few minutes to remember that none of it had happened.


I'm going to do a site redesign (the url will be the same-- that's about it). I need to figure out a theme, though. And a title. Any great ideas?


ian said...

I like the frog theme. How about calling it The Lily Pad and changing to a cool blue-green, swamp pond feel? I don't mean a nasty scummy swamp, but one with lots of flora and fauna and friendly froggies.


Basiorana said...

Thanks for the suggestion, that's a great idea!