Monday, July 30, 2007

Fairy Dreams

Last night I dreamed that the woods behind my house were about seven billion times bigger than they actually are, and that I discovered an elaborate and widespread fairy civilization in them. The trouble was, only certain people could see the fairy things, and to everyone else it would just look like I was talking to the air. So I set out to convince people that the fairies existed, because once they believed, I wouldn't look so crazy.

I started to talk to my father about it, and he initially thought I was kidding, then crazy, then eventually he began to understand that there was more to this than my imagination, so I took him out to where the fairies were and showed him, and with effort at first, he saw them.

He wanted to tell my mother, tell the world, but I explained that he couldn't, that people would say he was crazy, and it would take the same amount of determination to convince any adult that the fairies were real that it had taken for me to convince him, and for some people, like my practical, atheistic mother, it would be impossible.

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