Monday, December 4, 2006

Snow Dance Time

So I've been informed that the airport is NOT a place to go canoodle, since the cops drive by a lot. I was then informed that it IS, by two sources, which outnumbers the one that said it wasn't. This, while interesting, is actually somewhat irrelevant, since The Brother is not nearly as dumb as I was implying in last night's post. Sorry to anyone who took me seriously. I forget that some things don't translate as well into print as they should.

I don't know The Brother's girlfriend really well, though I do know her and we hung out and talked before school when I took the bus in. I know that she seemed quiet and reserved, at least around me, but nice. She used to complain about The Brother sitting behind her on the band bus and drumming/kicking her seat/sticking stuff in her hair/tapping her on the shoulder and pretending to have done nothing, then giggling when she turned back around. This is why I was somewhat surprised to learn they were dating.

I didn't mean to paint a negative image of this girl; like I said, she's a nice kid. Good people. If I did, I'm sorry. I was making fun of my brother, not her. Even if I don't know for sure what she would do in a parked car, I do know that my brother is reserved enough to not do anything, and from what I know of her, she would be the same way. They strike me as weird enough to sit out in a car and look at planes for fun.

Even though neither she nor my brother will likely ever read this, I figured when I saw a comment posted by "anonymous," the world's most prolific writer, which seemed to indicate that I was taken a bit more seriously than I had intended, that I should clear that up, lest I spread false ideas.


Okay, retraction over... I think I will recover from the crushing disappointment of closing down. I have a startling amount recorded on my computer, and though I don't list sources, it should be enough to know the characters at least. The rest will take a little extra research, but the Perseus Project at Tufts has information on the myths themselves, and I might actually open a book at some point. Or maybe not. That's a big step for me.


My Chemistry teacher is proof that some teachers actually do hate certain students. Question Girl, the girl who asks the world's stupidest questions, rather than pay attention today, was reading a text for another class- AGAIN. When the professor noticed this, he rolled his eyes and pantomimed- silently- stamping his foot and swearing profusely. She didn't notice. Then she fell asleep. This did not improve his negative mood. We were all giggling...


It snowed today, but nothing stuck. That was mildly disappointing. And it won't snow again until Wednesday of next week, when the snow shall be mixed with rain, freezing rain, and sleet. Oh, joy. But luckily MY dining hall, the one that's a five second walk away, is open...

They think it'll snow and sleet again on the 15th, sleet on the 17th, rain on the 18th to get rid of the remaining snow, then that rain will freeze on surfaces. Wow. Incredible.

I WANT SNOW! I'd snow dance, but poor Chione (goddess of snow) would put out her eyes at the sight....


Study time.

Added later: Just got the following email:

Hi Zenny,

I've put the site back online. Some people have suggested it might have been hacked, and malicious content added or diverts to dubious websites which prompted the google ban. If you browse through it and come across anything unusual please let me know.

Thanks for the really nice email. Nice to know the site's appreciated!



This makes me SO HAPPY YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I am happy-dancing in my mind.

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