Sunday, December 3, 2006



Here’s what I wrote on a Google discussion board about the Theoi website:

The most comprehensive online guide I have ever found to Greco-Roman mythology was the Theoi Project at Recently (within the past couple days) the website has disappeared and the following notice is up
instead: " has been banned by Google and forced to close down as a result."

This site was incredible; it had an ENORMOUS amount of information and I used it as a resource all the time. I can't imagine why it was a problem, and I really want to know why the site was banned in the first
place. I know there are criteria Google uses to ban sites that are offensive or misleading, but I was wondering why this site in particular would have been banned; it was not offensive in any way and merely provided information in an encyclopedic manner.

Please resolve this question for me... That website provided valuable information that I can't find anywhere else online, at least not in such a concise and straightforward manner. At least let me know why the site has been removed.

Thank you.

The first answer was as follows:

Most of the material still available at Wayback Machine.

At some point the author of the site introduced AdSense advertisements (as many people do). Google is quite brutal in its administration of these programs. The possibility Google banned the site for infringing Google’s AdSense rules does not apply to MSN and Yahoo. You might write to the author and ask.

The archive works- but intermittently, and it doesn’t have all the more recent stuff. Plus, I’m scared that the archive will dump the info after a certain period. Still, really helpful.

Next answer:

> Please resolve this question for me...
Its up to the site owner to resolve.
It very dumb to take a site down like the owner has. If Google banned them, then they had a good reason to ban it.

Well, first of all, I wasn’t intending on having someone THERE fix it…just wanted them to answer the question… second, considering that 70% of internet traffic goes though Google, I can kinda understand the guy removing the site… he primarily relied on donations.
But anyway. I wrote a note to the guy who ran the site. It went as follows:

I found your email address off the archives of your website and I wanted to ask you: what happened to You had such a wonderful site, I used it as a resource all the time. I understand that Google banned it, but I'm wondering why you decided to remove the website completely. Were you just not getting enough visitors after the ban?

I'm also wondering if you're planning on recreating the site, or something similar to it. It was a terrific resource, the most understandable and easily navigated site I've ever seen on mythology. I'd hate to see it disappear forever, especially after all the work that must have gone into creating and maintaining it.

I figured that was sufficiently suck-upish (yet true, I really loved that site) to warrant an answer.

Now to wait.


One last thing: The Brother and his girlfriend went to watch airplanes land at the airport… while sitting in a parked car… in the dark…

The Brother informed Mummy of this by phone before he left- the watching planes part, not the rest, which can be inferred. This sparked an utterly disturbing conversation, because Mummy turned to Daddy and said, “I think you need to give him The Talk again.”

Daddy: “Again? I gave it to him when he was six and I think I scarred him for life. Then I gave it to him again when he was older because I think he blocked it out- still grossed out. I think that was because I explained it in terms of tab A and slot B.”

Mummy: “Well, don’t explain it that way. I think he knows that much. Just point out the ‘ruin your life if you ruin some girl’ aspects.”

Daddy: “He knows that.”

Mummy: “I think he needs a reminder.”

Daddy: “Okay, fine. But I’m broaching the subject when you’re in the house. I’ll say, ‘Your mother wanted me to give you The Talk again,’ and all you’ll hear is ‘MUUUUUMMMMMMMMYY!!!!!!!!!’”

Poor kid. Takes a girl to watch the planes, and gets The Talk from his dad. Again. Or alternatively he’s actually necking out there, which would make the entire conversation more embarrassing for him… if that’s possible…

By the way, inquiring mothers (and too-naive-for-their-liking sisters) wish to know: Is the airport a customary go-to-make-out spot in our town? Like a Lover’s Leap?


Anonymous said...

No it is not. The police patrol there a bit to frequently. And unless the girl, who I know quite well, has changed extremely drastically in the past few months--they were just watching planes.

Basiorana said...

Yeah, I figured they were, but my mother's weird.