Thursday, September 6, 2007

There's always a pet blog

The Ludi Romani continues.


Today was... god, it was BORING. I didn't have any classes until 5 pm and Ryter was in Boston so I couldn't talk to him, and I don't have any real homework yet; thus I sat around and was bored.

I did each lunch with Libentra and saw Loquatia, my roommate from last year, when I went to dinner with my current roommate. I've decided to call my current roommate Cellamica, from "cella," a room, especially a small one-room apartment, and "amica," friend. Room-friend. Roommate. Work with me here.


Cellamica is Republican, but not rabidly so-- she clearly has her own opinions and isn't just spouting off what others say. She's involved in politics and keeps informed, though. She loves watching hockey but isn't really into playing sports herself, and spends most of her time on her computer. She's turning 21 in November but doesn't have any intention of even going out drinking on her birthday-- the whole alcohol culture doesn't appeal to her, which is nice for me. She's Italian, has a younger sister, a close friend of hers has just had a baby and she likes country music. That's what I have learned about her thus far. But she's nice, and quiet, but I can still have a conversation with her; she's willing to eat meals with me, too, which is nice.


Ryter, meanwhile, is looking for a hobby. This wouldn't be so challenging were it not for the fact that he can't do tasks that require a steady hand, like drawing, because of meds-related tremors and it has to be inexpensive, relaxing, and something he can do year-round. Thus far he has pooh-poohed starting up an RPG club (unless he can get someone else to GM-- I would, I think I would like that role better than a player, but I don't know the rules of gaming well enough), learning massage therapy with me (didn't think it qualified as "fun"), candle-making (okay, so I was being a bit facetious with that one), balloon sculptures (already knows how to do it), and carpentry (doesn't have a decent workspace).

I also suggested origami; weaving; wood carving; lock-picking; making models; ghost hunting; fishing; designing, making, and flying kites; juggling; photography; magic tricks; learning to dance; biking; and 3-D puzzles. He didn't comment on any of these, although I suspect making models, 3-D puzzles, or kites might be too expensive; fishing and biking aren't great in summer; and learning to dance might be too frustrating for him to be relaxing and fun.

He listed his interests as "The Byzantine Empire and reptile-collecting." This is not really helpful. I just hope his eventual decision doesn't involve computers. Ideally it would involve dragging his butt outside. Maybe I can get him into nature walks, like learning to identify plants and shit. In the winter, snowshoeing.

Nah. He won't go for that. I suggest "outside," he cites "bears."



ian said...

You had me at "she loves hockey." Tell her I said the Avalanche are going to kick ass this year and see what she says to that. :P


Basiorana said...

I asked her, but she says she mostly just follows the UNH Wildcats and the Monarchs in Manchester.