Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not my evening

Still the Ludi Romani.


Ryter was really sick tonight, like, constant agony sick; he's got a tic problem that's popped up (well, he claims it's been there forever, but I haven't noticed it) and it affected his trachea, causing him to have trouble with food and drink. He also is dealing with some medication shifting while he's waiting to see a neurologist, and that may have had something to do with all of this. Luckily his meds kicked in in the evening so it was okay, but we were thinking he might have to go to the ER for a little bit there. If he has that problem tomorrow, he will.


Then on top of that, my mother called. See, when I was buying school stuff the clerks would offer me various promotions. The conversation would go thusly:

"Would you like to sign up for our Rewards Card?"
"What does it do?"
"Well, you get a discount on all future purchases."
"Does it cost anything?"
"No, it's free."
"And it's just a discount?"
"Yep! Takes no time to sign up..."

And I would sign up, because what's the loss?

So now my mom's called with the news that contrary to what I was told, these are actually credit cards. And what's more, all those pesky "receipts" I signed, and all those times the clerks swiped my card? Yeah, they weren't real. They were just practice, I suppose. Because now they're charging me for it again, on their little credit card that was supposed to be a Rewards Card, like the little key thing you get at Shaw's that gives you discounts on baked beans once in a while.

So their clerks blatantly misrepresented these cards to me, and now I discover I have to pay them off and cancel them and this HUGE hassle. I intend to actually go into the stores that I got the cards from and ask to speak to the manager there, and say, "Your employees GROSSLY misrepresented this deal. They portrayed the card as a simple discount membership, failing to mention that it was in fact a CREDIT CARD and that I would still owe money. I like your merchandise and this won't stop me from shopping here, but I damn well expect the next time I or anyone comes in and you offer this service that you have those clerks mention "credit card" somewhere in their little chat-up."

We;re ignoring the me not reading the small print part. If the clerks had been honest, I would have. As it was, I wasn't expecting that I was entering any kind of contract that could negatively affect me in any way; as it is my mom has to pay these things off for me lest I wind up with a bad credit score, then I have to cancel them.... bah...


ian said...

God, I remember getting sucked into the credit card trap back in college. It took me ten years and a bankruptcy to get out of it.

Stay away from credit cards. You don't need them. As long as you have a debit card, you can function perfectly well in this society without spending money you don't actually possess.

< /fatherly advice>


Basiorana said...

The trouble is that I don't WANT credit cards (I know they're evil), but companies haven't been telling me that they're offering a credit card, they've been calling it a rewards card.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the confusion on them lying to you because they did...unfortunately, legally they can call it a rewards card, I would assume, because often times stores like Macy's will give you and additional 20% off if you use your credit account you have with them. Nothing like encourage the American consumer to rack up debt in the name of saving money they didn't have to spend in the first place! You, however, ran into terrible employees who ought to be fired.