Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ecology is adventurous.

I lied, but it's just cut and paste from my field trip permission form:

"Other hazards you may be subjected to on field trips include, but are not limited to, lightning strike, attack by rabid animals or psychopathic axe murderers, being crushed by a falling tree or a meteorite from outer space, getting sucked into a flying saucer by space aliens or carried off by a giant bird. In addition, you may be captured and sold into slavery by evildoers, sprain you ankle, break a bone, catch whooping cough, come down with fits, cut yourself, fall in water, fall off a log, fall off a cliff, fall into a hole, fall in love, lose your car keys, hear funny noises, be gored by a testosterone-addled moose, get shot by a hunter who mistook you for a deer, enter a time warp, meet Keith Richards, think unpleasant thoughts, catch on fire spontaneously, be singled out for ridicule, be robbed by a homeless person with a sharp stick, have you hair fall out, rip your underwear, get poked in the eye, sing off-key, hear a smutty joke, get stung by bees and wasps, get bitten by a venomous serpent, be possessed by demons, have a giant ground hog leap onto your head, AND ... it’s possible you’ll see lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)"

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ian said...

That is brilliant!